My  First day of Blogging

I woke up early, around 9am, yes maaga na sakin yon coz i love to sleep hehe. I have class at 10am until 230pm. Lot of things happened today:

1. I shared sa class about what im doing for the past few months of apprenticeship sa isang fashion photographer. Im glad nakapagshare ako ng ideas about body politics as part ng lesson namin sa Anthropology class. It’s about how print ads affect and dictate our minds when it comes to ideal apprearance ng men/women. 

2. Immersion sa indigent groups that came from different parts of the Philippines. As much as i want to stay long, i cant coz i have a consultation for my thesis right after. It just interests me sa different ethnic groups sa Pilipinas kasi kanina lang ako nkaexperience ng immersion and very interesting ang culture nila.

3. My thesis consultation went well even though nasa half pa lang ako ng proposal. And yes! Im studying again at the age of 35. I’ll tell the story on my next blog entry.

4. Went to Trinoma to catch A movie ng 5pm. Ms Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. It’s free, courtesy of my PWD Card 🙂 

5. Parked near the gym while writing this. Bye for now. I’ll work out muna sa Bakal Gym 🙂


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